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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  June 19, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> we might be able to make headway. >> obesity is linked to diabetes. the ama has been concerned about the dramatic rise in obesity rate. today nearly 30% of the american adults are considered obese. on the other hand some worry ama calling it a disease may discourage them from making changes in life style. here is dr. bester on abc's good morning america. >> we have to get activity back into lives, get them exercising moving in school. and after school eating healthy foods in appropriate amounts. have to do this for everybody.
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>> about prevention? >> totally. >> a survey found people are willing to take action to reduce obesity in their lives. and americans believe their local k-12 schools should play the biggest role. 90% endorsed the schools playing biggest roles in this issue. >> it's more than just a health burden a 2010 study estimates obese women lose $4900 a year. and that breaks down to 1500s aids year in extra costs for obese women, and men. women represented in the gold in this chart. researchers also found that obese women earn about $1900 less than average weight women
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and found obese men, and women are less productive at work and pay more to gas up their cars. 23s aids year for obese men. >> bart bringing down a national auditor to make sure bart police are ensuring everything they can to make sure you're safe on the train. it will be the same man that reviewed bart police after the killing of oscar grant. that led to officers wearing cameras. the chief says they may need to do more. >> i'm going leave that up to assessor autos review starts in july final report expected this fall. the chief also ordered an internal review of the
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response to the naked man harassing passengers that happened at the 16th straet station. the suspect has been arrested. >> abc news learned the dog that killed a 6-year-old boy in union city has been put down yesterday. police say the dog bit the boy on the top of his head monday morning in union city. and died in the hospital. no charges have been filed in this case. we now know the name of the cyclist who died in a hit and run crash in san jose monday. an suv rear ended a 55-year-old above highway 87. police need your help to help find the vehicle that killed the man.
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might be dirty white or light gray in color. a judge agreed to grant bail to a man accused 6 keeping several women as sex slaves forcing them into prostitution. one girl is a minor, agents arrested him last week in south san francisco. prosecutors say that lu and his wife brought young women from sacramento to work in brothels and will remain in custody until he can post bail. his wife is still on the loose. >> four people including a juvenile face murd qlaerjz for a stabbing death attack of a man in san jose. prosecutors believe they attacked donald harvey.
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the 44-year-old died after being stabbed several times on southside drive. detectives believe the killing may have been gang related. >> dive teams suspend a search for a man who disappeared while kayaking in the east bay. the 30-year-old went missing on sunday and police say their meeting was to see about continuing their searches more effectively. authorities say he had difficulty swimming. >> developing news a new wildfire causing more evacuations in colorado. a wildfire is burning in height national forest. people have been told to leave. the fire is about 60 miles from the blaze that broke out this month. that is about 85% contained at
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this point. hundreds of people have been allowed back home tonight 500 people are being told you need to stay away. falling temperatures and rising humidity giving firefighters a chance to make some real progress. and an unattended camp fire started this blaze. >> if you're going to be there, be gone? what are we going to do? you know? we just, grading. and god brought us to it. >> feels awesome to be home no. place like home. >> today, crews set backfires to try to remove phone shall fuel in the path. the fire burned 1600 acres at 40% containment. >> state lawmakers are getting a raise of almost $5,000 each because the commission voted to restore a pay cut.
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>> despite the governor saying now is not the time to increase spending the commission says it is. state lawmakers endured pay cuts, two at 9%, one at 5%. the last mirrored what others saw, they're still the highest paid state legislature in the country. salaries of the officers were decreased. >> the budget fragile. the commission debate wld it's time to give raises, restoring some of what is cut. the largest imemployee union negotiated a raise nearly making up for last year's furlough.
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>> the commission also looked at public southbound serve yanlts who also get pensions. local officials are paid higher than those at the state level and states smaller than california pay more. >> michigan, new jersey, virginia. >> there is a concern talented perspective candidates won't run. >> but what board member wants to lack at job performance? >> if they could do well we have something to look at until that happens, i'll have to stand my ground and i will
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vote no on any restoration. >> turns out he was the only no vote come this december, the lawmaker paid 90,000 to 95,000. the position paid $212,000 in 2008. the panel did not take up state lawmakers per deim. that can add up to roughly about another $30,000 a year. live in sacramento, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >> irs workers about to pay $70 million in bonuses. two employees in spite of an orderer to cancel those bonuses because of forced cuts. irs says it's bound to pay the bonus because of an agreement reached with union workers.
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it's revealed the agency improperly targeted conservative groups. >> a man who starred as tv's mob boss tony soprano has died. james gandolfini died of an apparent heart attack today. he won three emmy awards for his role in the "sopranos "skpoi starred in a number of movies. he was young, only 51 years old. >> i guarantee it. the man starting men's warehouse doesn't like this, he's been fired by the company he created. george zimmerman is out what this could mean about the business and the brand. >> george skimmer says he fell in love with the bay area when visited back in 1981. soon after, he moved here brought his stores with him. >> he got too small.
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>> for many men hoping to get more for less, men's warehouse has been his store of choice. >> you can get ideas and new clothes. you know? and you can get something too,. >> he built it into a popular chain, now, the man many associate with looking good for less is out he founded the company. the it doesn't look nice. nobody likes a mean brand. >> dr. michelle talked marketing in advertising and says the move to fire the popular spokesman, seen here may backfire you see him, you know it's men's warehouse, now people aren't going remember those men's. they're not going to have this identity they've got. >> men's warehouse won't say why he was shont door but the former pitchman is now 64 years old, compute kpeetding for consumer dollars with a
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younger demographic. but warning consumers are on to the rusen a statement skimmer says the ouster comes after expressing concerns about the direction of the company. instead of fostering the dialogue that has in part contributed to the success the board inappropriately decided to silence my concerns through termination. companies changing the way they do business isn't new. as long as what hooks customers like phil heart junior don't change. >> i got a flight out to new york so i needed a suit real fast this, has been convenient for me. >> phil's suit set him back $263.77. he says he and his wallet will like the way he looks. >> some homes will be getting green power but not from sun or wind file behind this power source and why officials are
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impressed witness. -- with it. >> a warming trend headed our way. how warm it's going to be in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and banks behaving badly when it comes to for closing on homes. stay with us.
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jet engine technology supplying energy for the in antioch using several gas turbines to generate electricity enough for 650,000 homes. even more impressive power up in just 12 minutes meaning it can be used in hot summer days.
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>> it's designed to run in short spurts when the need for pou jer peaking. also when it stops spinning we can bring this unit on to fill that gap. >> the power plant used to take 12 hours to power up, and also used water from the river to cool down this power plant is air cooled. it's a different technology. >> very exciting. >> if you have a cat or dog you may be affected by a major pet food recall. >> yes. it's a very popular organic brand. >> yes. it's huge sold under different names involving the brand naturea. the warning involves all brands of these dry pet foods.
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the recall affects pet food and treats for dogs, cats and ferrets they have experation dates before june 10th, 2014. now, i posted all information you need at abc 7 under 7 on your side so check it out. the federal government says lending mortgage, i should say leading mortgage lenders are still not doing enough to help homeowners. the report says bad practices have ended to push to many homeowners into foreclosure however saying four leading banks are still delaying homeowners for trying to modify homes. citing problems at bark of america, chase, and citi bank.
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more of us putting away lap tops and shifting to smart phones today, yet another sign whereof we're heading. microsoft bringing word, exel, and power point right to your iphone. the app let's users create netted documents from phones. katie says it works well, even on that tiny screen. >> microsoft is very aware that you'll have a small screen ask small real estate. so there is really easy to tap you have to subscribe to microsoft office 365. >> everything is going. >> yes. >> speaking of smart phone autos yes. >> we have a brand new app to keep you on top of the breaking news, weather and traffic. >> yes.
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>> it's easy and fun to use. for all details remember if you have a current app the old one going away soon. check that out. >> if you have a moment. >> check out weather it's gorgeous. >> yes. >> and wind dying down a good bit. >> it's breezy and winds will calm down. you can see skies are clear. what reason is that we've had brisk winds sweeping clouds away from the coastline so. a pleasant day z a warm up coming our way. now, still gusty in spots. several locations with gusts above 0 miles per hour. blue skies over the bay from our camera here at abc 7.
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temperatures now 63 degrees in san francisco. 81 in santa cruz our warm spot now. another list of readings towards golden gate from our camera. 79 degrees now in santa rosa. and looking towards bay bridge let's talk about our forecast features it will be clear area wide, milder tomorrow and warming peaks on friday, and saturday. the first two days of summer. satellite shows that the trough with a jet stream sliding eastward now as it does so losing a cooling influence. high pressure builds in bringing us a warmer pattern for next few days. appropriately enough because summer arrives tomorrow night. overnight tonight mainly clear skies again. just patches of clouds along
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the coast and near the coast. and into lows into low to mid-50s. by mid day, sunny skies and warming begin was low 60s on the coast. low to mid-80s inland. south bay mid-70s, tup about 75 in san jose. 64 palo alto. breezy at the coast. 62 in half moon bay. downtown san francisco a high of 67 tomorrow. north bay 81 in calistoga and napa. 73 in oakland. 82 concord and 81 walnut
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creek. here is the accu-weather forecast. warmest days friday saturday,. sunday a sharp cool down, monday, a chance of showers. summer begins tomorrow night at 10:00, 10:04. >> friday is the first day of sner. >> it is and will feel like summer. >> still ahead leaving a child at day care ais a concern for working parents but the findings of a new study may ease some worry what's researchers discovered, coming up next. >> then at 6:00 a local couple living in the clouds. they are now getting by one app at a time. you'll get the story at 6:00. we'll be right back here. >> time to announce today's winner of abc 7 big shell gas card give away. it's rhonda day won 700s ndz free gas cards from shell we
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still have two winners to go. if you're a fan you need to fill out that form we'll announce another winner
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geena davis hosted a fund raidser to help 18 million women and girls who live in california chairing california commission on status of women girls. the state budget doesn't have any money, again this, year for the agency. >> we got great support today and enthusiastic support. and i think corporate possibilities are a good option for us. >> davis told abc 7 news she hopes to help female veterans in california.
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>> a study may provide relief if you feel guilty about leaving children in day care. research finds those children did just as well on over all tests as parents who stayed home with a parent or care giver now a second more controversial study by researchers in boston college shows children from disadvantaged families whose mothers returned to work before their child was two years old had lower levels of anxiety and fewer behavioral problem than childrens whose mother dz not work. >> online dating is booming and seems women on the site know what they want. he happens to be younger. women are more likely to show interest in a man who is five times younger than she s age doesn't seem to matter that much to men. a man only 22% less likely to
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respond to an older woman than a younger woman if she initiates contact. >> coming up next a graduation party. >> a baker's mistake that has everybody laughing when abc 7 news at 5:00 continues.
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coming up tonight at 6:00 9 bay area couple dubbed landlord frdz hell. tonight what they did to their tenant that's will send them to prison. also, michael finney resolves a dispute, a fine so big it would bankrupt a billion skbrair new tools for a cardiologist. a printer that can spit out a rep ply cave a human heart. >> thank you. a recent indiana university graduate had a celebration she'll never forget. >> we love this story. carol wanted her daughter's
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picture on the top with a graduation cap on her head but the bakery didn't hear cap, they heard cat, and a cat ended up on her head. take a look. >> this is the one of a kind cake not just boring with a graduation hat sm. comments we saw on the internet said the cake is 10 times better a cat on it. i thought very to agree with them. >> the bakery offered to scrape off the cat but you know it's just too darn funny. the family posted on fake boos and it went viral. certainly more memorable. you wonder why someone didn't go, huh? >> cats are popular. just looking up every other cake has a cat face on it but not on the head. >> yes. >> all right. >> it was pretty funny. >> that is going to do it for us. >> from all of us here thanks
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for watching. we'll see again at 6:00. this is "world news." tonight, the surge, interest rates climbing. is the era of easy money about to end. flight 800. former investigators step forward claiming that the twa passenger jet wasn't an accident but something far more sinister. 17 years after the crash do we know what really happened? baked alaska, imagine going from this to this in a few weeks. the record heat wave scorching one of the coldest places in america tonight. good evening. diane is off tonight. we begin with news sure to affect every american family. it came from


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